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Things to Know About CBG and CBD
Things to Know About CBG and CBD

Cannabis plant has various cannabinoids, and the most notables ones are the CBD and THC. With so many compounds on the cannabis, the scientist is now focusing on another interesting compound known as cannabigerol (CBG). The high CBD  and low THC cannabis strains contain this psychoactive compound. Current research shows that CBG is the precursor for the action of many of cannabinoids. 

It is vital to note that CBG and CBD are two different things. They are similar in some ways and also have differences. Both will not make you high. They tend to act on the same receptor in the brain. However, it is a massive difference in the benefits that the two compounds bring to the body. You should be aware that there has been decent research about CBD, but for the CBG, research is being done now. 
From the research on the table, there are many benefits of the CBG. The most notable benefits are the reduction of inflammation. It will also treat glaucoma. This CBG is going to reduce the intraocular pressure. Further, it is going to help people with bladder dysfunctions. 

CBG has neuroprotective properties. The compound helps in the reduction of growth of the cancer cells and tumors. People who are struggling with the problem of loss of appetite because of conditions such as cancer and HIV, CBG can help you improve the condition. Check out Cannahyve or visit for top CBD shops.

Many people want to know whether when you take CBG whether you will side effects or not. The side effects are minimal. Rats under investigation tolerated this compound. More research is being done to determine whether there could be any adverse effect of the compounds on the human. 

When you are taking CBG, you must consult a doctor. You should be aware that it can interact with some medications. The health provider is going to guide you on the effects of the CBG with the current medications that you are taking. Some of the conditions whose medications cannot be taken alongside CBG is the erectile dysfunction, cholesterol, arrhythmia, blood pressure, pain, and many others. When you take the CBG, it will affect the drug metabolism. 

 The demand for the CBG is low, and consequently it is hard to find the product in the market. However, several dealers are selling the product online. You can order the product online with a lot of convenient. Be aware that the product is not regulated by the FDA. Be sure that you are getting it from a reputable dealer.

You should look at the third-party testing. You should confirm that the third party testing was done by a laboratory that conducts its activity independently. On the website of the dealer, you will find a lab report with this information. You can read more on this here: